The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets

The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets, National Kids and Pets Day, kids and pets, children and pets,

April 26th is National Kids and Pets Day.  It’s a special day in which we recognize the benefits between the relationship of children and their pets.  If you ever grew up with a pet then you know how special that bond can be.  Dogs provide unconditional love and will never let a child down.  They will truly be a child’s forever friend. This special day was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige. National Kids &.

What to do if your dog goes missing

National Lost Dog Awareness Day , Lost Dogs of America, Tips on finding a lost dog, what to do if your dog goes missing

Lost Dogs of America created and launched the first National Lost Dog Awareness Day On April 23, 2014.  A day geared to bringing attention to lost dogs.  They run on volunteers whose sole mission is to reunite dogs with their owners.  Since 2011 they have reunited 99,521 dogs with their families since 2011. According to LDOA, “getting lost dogs back home reduces stress on owners’, staff at shelters/animal control facilities, other dogs in the facilities,.

Simple things you can do this Earth Day

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April 22nd is Earth Day. Although everyday should be earth day, it’s a day in which we raise awareness about the damage pollution is doing to our planet. There are many activities and celebrations that occur worldwide. They help spread the message that we must try do our part, no matter how little it may seem. All these activities can have a positive impact on the planet. Here are some tips that will help reduce.

Summer dog friendly activities in New Jersey

Summer dog friendly activities in New Jersey, Hiking trails, dog parks, NJ establishments that allow pets

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start making plans with your trusted companion. Aside from dog parks in which there are hundreds located all over the state of New Jersey, there are other spots that you can bring your dog to. Below are some wonderful places that you and your dog will enjoy! Turdo Vineyards & Winery Cape May Turdo Vineyards & Winery has a lovely dog-friendly patio for.

Deviled eggs for dogs

Deviled eggs for dogs, Easter treats for dogs, Dogs can eat boiled eggs, Eggs are nutritious treat for dogs, holiday treat

Easter is upon us and I thought what treat can I make for my dog and visiting clients? Why not deviled eggs! Eggs are a good source of protein and contain many essential vitamins and minerals.   These eggs are super simple to make and include minimal ingredients. I like to use organic eggs and boil about half a dozen. Boil the eggs like you normally would. Once they are ready, carefully peel them. Cut them.

Dog Walking Essentials

dog walking essentials, dog walking ideas, leash walking, national walk your dog month, tips for walking your dog, important dog walking items

One of the joys of caring for a dog is taking them on their daily walk. Walking should be part of their daily routine. Not only will they get exercise, but it keeps them mentally stimulated. Because I sit and board dogs, it’s important to have items readily available. Whether you own a pup or work with them, these items will definitely come in handy. I always like to carry a small cross body bag.

April is animal cruelty prevention month

Prevent animal cruelty, April is animal cruelty prevention month

April is animal cruelty prevention month. Together there are many things we can do to prevent animal cruelty. As the saying goes, “if you see something, say something.”  These creatures have no voice so we must be their voice. Below are some things to look for if you suspect animal cruelty. If so, please do not hesitate to report it to animal control or the authorities. Animals need protection from the elements while outdoors to.

Meet and Greet – What you need to know.

Meet and greet, what you need to know, dog sitting, dog boarding

The Meet and Greet is the most important step in taking in a dog for boarding or day care. It provides the perfect opportunity to get to know your potential client, human included. It also helps determine whether or not the stay will be a good fit. Meet & Greets usually take place at the home where the stay will occur. However, you’re welcome to arrange the first meeting in a public place like a.

Can dogs thrive on a vegetarian diet?

Can dogs thrive on vegetarian diet

I think so, as a matter of fact one of my client’s dog is on a vegetarian diet and has been since she was a pup. When I first scheduled my meet and greet to meet the family, in came this cutie named Bella. At the meet and greet I always ask if the dog is on a special diet. They answered yes and that Bella was a vegetarian. I found this to be very.

Autism and Dogs

Autism and Dogs

I just came across a great article that I would like to share. Being the mom of a special needs teenager, this article really hit home.  Plus April is Autism Awareness Month so what better way to provide awareness. The article is about a Maine High School that is implementing a new program. The program named Jumping for Joy, allows high school students the opportunity to work with dogs.  Students on the autism spectrum are.