How to Protect your Dog’s Paw Pads this Winter

How to protect your dogs paw pads this Winter

Winter in the Northeast can be tough. So far this year we have been hit with what meteorologist have called a Bomb Cyclone, which was basically a winter hurricane.

All that snow and ice can be brutal on your dog’s paw pads, not to mention the salt and other chemicals that people throw on their sidewalks. These problems can lead to frostbite, cracking, and/or burns due to the chemicals in those winterizing products.  So it’s very important to protect your dog’s paw pads.  Below I have included some tips on simple things that you can do.

  • Consider keeping your dog’s paws warm with winter dog boots. They sell many different brands and some dogs do well with them. The boots should fit properly and have good traction. Unfortunately, Ginger was not having it and refused to walk with them. But hey you may have better luck!
  • Prior to taking your dog on a walk you can add a moisturizing type of balm on their paw pads. This will not only keep their pads soft and moistened, it can also act as a barrier. You can purchase a brand made specifically for pets such as Bag Balm and Musher’s Secret.  I like to use Aquaphor. I even put a little bit on Ginger’s nose when it becomes dry.
  • Cavaliers tend to have little Grinch feet.  If you own a Cavalier you know exactly what I mean and many times little ice balls will get stuck to their fur, feet and in between their toes. You can try trimming the fur back during the winter months to prevent this from occurring.
  • After walks, always wipe your dog’s paw pads with a towel and/or wipe. .
  • Shorten your walks so that if your dog’s paw pads do come in contact with those products you can clean it off right away.
  • Lastly, stay away from sidewalks that seem to be heavily salted and de-iced. Not everyone uses a pet friendly product so you don’t want to take any chances.

Remember if you own a pet you can purchase a pet friendly ice melt. We like to use Morton’s Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt. This product is a salt-free ice melt developed with veterinarian to be safer for pets, people, plants and surfaces than plain salt.

We love this product and it’s what we always use.

Morton’s Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt