Is your Dog Suffering from Canine Cabin Fever?

Is your Dog Suffering from Canine Cabin Fever?

It’s the dead of winter here in New Jersey. We got hit with some pretty bad weather, the meteorologist even called it a Bomb Cyclone.  We got about 6 inches of snow which I know for some areas is not a lot, but it is when you own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who’s tummy is so close to the ground. The bitter blast has also made it impossible to enjoy any outdoor activities……………so what is one to do??

Below are some activities that you can do to help your pup release all that pent-up energy and boredom.

You can purchase your dog a puzzle toy. There are many different types of puzzle toys sold to keep your dog mentally stimulated. You can also get them Kong’s and treat dispensing toys which will keep them busy trying to figure out how to get those delicious treats out for consumption.

You can also just buy them new toys in general.  They may be bored with their current ones so a new chewy toy may add a little excitement!

What dog does not like to play fetch? Just grab one of your dog’s favorite toys and toss it across a room. You can even toss it up the stairs.  I like to toss Ginger’s favorite toy from the living room into the kitchen and will do this a couple of times until she’s tires out a bit.

Try signing your dog up for a basic agility course.   There may be a few offered in your area and it will allow your dog to get some much needed exercise while trying to complete those obstacle courses.

This is a great time to learn a new skill and you can also try teaching them new tricks at home.

Check your area to see if they have an indoor dog park nearby. Many of these facilities provide an opportunity to play together with other dogs while indoors.  It’s also a great way for pet parents to schedule meet ups.

Is your Dog Suffering from Canine Cabin Fever?

If you do decide to whether the cold, please use some common sense. Remember to bundle up your canine companion and only go out for short periods of times.  Remember to stay safe but most importantly warm!