July 31st is National Mutt/Mixed Breed Day

July 31st is National Mutt/Mixed Breed Day, When you adopt a mixed breed you are raising awareness, There are thousands of pets waiting for a forever home

Each year on July 31st, National Mutt Day/Mixed Breed Day is observed across the United States. National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs. National Mutt Day was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige.

There are thousands of pets waiting for a forever home, millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs in shelters across the United States are waiting for someone to come and adopt them.

Here are some other reasons to adopt a mixed breed.

Because they are mixed, they are unique in every way. These dogs are like snowflakes: no two will ever look exactly the same. While purebreds are meant to look a certain way, everyone will know your special mutt belongs to you.  When you adopt a mixed breed you are raising awareness. Dogs are a great conversation starter. Admirers will undoubtedly ask you about your special friend when you’re out on a walk, and you’ll be able to tell them about the adopting process. You might even be the one to persuade them to adopt one of their own. (huffingtonpost.com)

It costs less to adopt a pet from a shelter than purchasing one from a breeder. Costs can vary depending on where you live and whether you’re interested in adopting a cat or a dog. Cost can run anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00. Compare that to the $1,000+ you may have to pay if purchasing from a breeder.

When you adopt a pet from a shelter you are saving a life. You are essential making space for another animal to come in and find a new family as well. According to the Northshore Animal League 4,000,000-5,000,000 animals are destroyed each year in the U.S. That’s a shocking and little-known statistic. As the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, they continuously take animals out of harm’s way—whether it’s rescuing them from other shelters where they would be destroyed; pulling them out of national emergency areas, saving them from the perils of puppy mills and so many other places where they would be abused or euthanized. (animalleague.org)

When you choose not to spend your money on a mill dog, you’re making it more difficult for puppy mills and pet stores to stay in business.

You will be able to get your dog sooner than later. The process for finding a trustworthy breeder can be a complicated one. To find a shelter, all you’ll need to do is a little typing into Google and voila! You’re set to drive over to pick up your future companion. (huffingtonpost.com)

Below are pictures of clients and friends that have been rescued from various organizations.


Why you should adopt a pet, adopt from a shelter, say no to pet
Charley, Rescued from Cameron’s Canine Rescue



Peanut, Rescued from the Perth Amboy Animal Shelter


Max and Ruby, rescued from Growl Rescue


Simba, rescued from Blumig Kennel


Maya, rescued from Eleventh Hour Animal Rescue


Boo Boo, rescued from Luv A Pet

Adopt a pet, save a life