Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tips on how to bring your pet to work day

Friday, June 23rd is “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” it is a day created by Pet Sitters International to not only advocate the adoption of animals, but to also celebrate the bond between a human and their pet, not only at home, but at the work-place as well. This unofficial holiday allows owners to bring their pets in to work with them. I think is a fun holiday and below are some tips.

Mosquito Protection for your Dog

how to protect your dog from mosquitoes

With summer comes many pesty insects. Summer is my favorite season of all but the bugs make it hard to enjoy, especially Mosquitos!  I have provided some tips that will help you and your dog enjoy your summer nights. According to Wiki, “Mosquitos are small, midge-like flies in which the female mosquitos have tube-like mouthparts which pierce the hosts’ skin to consume blood. Though the loss of blood is small, the saliva of the mosquito often causes.

Chewy’s June Surprise

Chewy June surprise

For the month of June, Chewy sent us packets of Instinct by Nature’s Variety Healthy Cravings Beef Recipe Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Topper. They came in small foil packets. And each one is 3 oz. According to the company, “the topper is made of wholesome, real chicken in gravy recipe makes the perfect dry food topper or meal enhancer. A grain-free and gluten-free option that’s perfect for dogs with gluten intolerance. Does not contain any.

Dogs and separation anxiety – what can you do?

Dog and Separation anxiety – what can you do?

With summer approaching many people are planning to go on vacation. Any pet owner will tell you that any time you plan to be away from your pet whether it’s a long vacation or weekend getaway, it can be stressful. Planning a stay for any period of time means that you will need to make arrangements for the care of your pet. Whether you have someone come to your home, plan on boarding them in.

May 31st is National Macaroon Day

Macaroon Recipe for your Dog

May 31st is National Macaroon/Macaron Day. It’s the day in which we celebrate the creation of macaroons by devouring as many as we can. Macaroons, are not to be confused with macarons! What is the difference? According to Popsugar.com a macaron specifically refers to a meringue-based cookie made with almond flour, egg whites, and granulated and powdered sugar, then filled with buttercream, ganache or fruit curd.   In contrast, the word macaroon is a generic phrase.

How to keep your dog cool in the summer

How to keep your dog cool in the summer

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that’s the official start of the summer season here in Jersey.  The beaches officially open and the board walks become crowded with summer tourists. However, here in the East Coast it can reach above the 90’s during the months of July and August. Like humans, the summer heat can have a major effect on a dog’s health.  It’s important to keep them cool at all times and not expose.

National Apple Pie Day recipe for your dog

May 13th is National Apple Pie Day! Apple treats for Dogs

May 13th is National Apple Pie Day! What better way to celebrate National Apple Pie Day but to eat apple pie! Well for Ginger I will be making her an apple treat. Below is a simple recipe from nutrience.com. I always like recipes that are not only simple but have minimal ingredients. The ingredients include 1 large apple 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/8 cup of water 1.5 cups of white rice flour, brown rice flour.

Chewy’s May Surprise

Merrick’s Backcountry Wild Prairie real chicken jerky treats

For the month of May Chewy sent us Merrick’s Backcountry Wild Prairie real chicken jerky treats.  I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel who has a very sensitive tummy and I usually only give her dehydrated liver or chicken treats. Many of the treats available to our pets are full of additives and ingredients that are just not healthy. I decided to give Merrick’s Backcountry treats a try. Because I board dogs we had a special.

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals week, 10 tips on how you can be kind

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week! Since 1915, millions of Americans have come together during the first full week of May to show their compassion for animals.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference in the lives of animals. These are things that can be done anytime, not just on “Be Kind to Animals Week.” 1.Volunteer at your local shelter one day this week.  They are always in need of volunteers. 2.Try a week.

How to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with your Dog

Cinco de May has become a huge holiday here in the United States.  Although many believe that it’s Mexico’s independence day it actually isn’t. That’s is celebrated on September 16th. The holiday was started to commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. For many Americans, Cinco de Mayo means enjoying Mexican food and a few margaritas.   As pet parents we.