Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tips on how to bring your pet to work day

Friday, June 23rd is “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” it is a day created by Pet Sitters International to not only advocate the adoption of animals, but to also celebrate the bond between a human and their pet, not only at home, but at the work-place as well.

This unofficial holiday allows owners to bring their pets in to work with them. I think is a fun holiday and below are some tips to make the day run as smooth as it can.

But first, ask yourself, does your company participate in the holiday?  There is nothing worse than showing up to work with your dog, only to have to turn around and go back home.  That would be a bummer!

How do you get to work? Do you take public transportation? They may not allow your dog on the bus, train etc. This is something to consider.

How do you think your pet will handle going to work with you? Your pet maybe be happy just to be with you, but for some the fact that they are out of their element may not enjoy the experience as much. Take into account the type of job that you do, noise level etc……although it’s take your pet to work day, it doesn’t necessarily mean it may be a good idea. It’s clearly not for everyone and you don’t want to cause your pet any unnecessary stress.

Is your dog house-trained? Will your dog have the opportunity to take breaks throughout the day? If not, then maybe taking them is not a good idea. You may only be able to take them out a few times which means that they will have to hold it.

Tips on how to bring your pet to work dayThings to remember….

Remember to give your co-workers a heads up. Some may love the idea, others may not. It’s a good idea to let them know that you plan on participating by bringing your dog in that day. Don’t get offended if certain people do not approach you or your dog, not everyone is an animal lover and/or they just might be allergic.

Remember your dog will be in a new environment and even the best house trained dog may have an accident. Make sure to bring poop bags, wipes and air freshener.

Your dog is going to need some drinking water, so be sure to bring water and a bowl.

With the first two being said make sure to bring your dog’s leash. Your dog should not wander about and you will need the leash to take them outside for their potty break.

Bring a rug or doggy bed so that they can get comfortable.

Bring treats so that you can reward your dog when they are well-behaved.

Have a back-up plan, some dogs may bark excessively or may not want to stay with a co-worker if you have to leave or run an errand. Always be prepared!

Make sure your dog is nice and clean. Nothing worse than bringing a stinky dog to work. Some might find it offensive.

Take advantage of the day. Ask your company to make a small donation or run a raffle in which the proceeds are donated to an animal rescue organization. Have someone from a local shelter come in and run a small workshop.  There are different ways you can stick with the theme.

Lastly, remember to enjoy the day! It’s a great day to bond and make new memories with your pet so make sure to take plenty of pictures!

For more information, visit Pet Sitter’s International “Bring your dog to work day” page for more tips and information. They are even running a photo contest!

Take your dog to work day