How to dog proof your Christmas!

Keep your dog safe this christmas

Christmas is just a week away and for some people it  brings a lot of decorating. Many decorations are bright and sparkly and may peak your dogs curiosity. With Christmas upon us I have included some tips on how to keep your dog safe during the holiday.

You first want to dog proof your Christmas tree. We have had our tree for over 20 years and it’s in great shape. I love that we don’t have to deal with pine needles which can be a hazard for dogs as well if swallowed.  The first thing you want to do is make sure your tree is very secure. This goes for both an artificial and live tree.   There’s nothing worse than coming home to a fallen tree.

You also don’t want to let your pet drink the water if you opt for a real tree. Your tree can dry out which can make it a fire hazard, plus the sap will leak into the water causing other yucky chemicals to leak in as well causing your pet to get sick.

Keep lights and cords away from pets especially if they like to chew.   Pets can become electrocuted so all your cords and lights must be secured and out of reach.
Choose ornaments that are not made out of glass and/or food. If your pet is near the tree and an ornament breaks they can get cut. Avoid edible garlands it’s just not worth your pet getting sick. If you use tinsel, keep it out of your dog’s reach as well. Dogs as well as cats, will chew it causing serious problems that can lead to your pet needing surgery.

Many people like to decorate their homes with Poinsettias and Mistletoes. Again these should be kept high and out of your pets reach. Poinsettias can make your dog ill. If they chew on it they may suffer from drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. A trip to the vet may be warranted.

Keep candles away from your pets. They sell so many electrical candles that real ones are not necessary. I stay away from them because they are just too dangerous. In New York, a Menorah caught fire and led to a tragic event. If you do decide to use candles, keep them high out of your pets reach and away from curtains and/or other flammable items. They should only be lit when you are home and should NEVER be left unattended.

As far as baking there are a lot of toxic chemicals that you need to keep away from your pet. You can view my past blog posts on baking and keeping certain ingredients away from your pet. I have also dedicated a separate blog post on the dangers of Xylitol.

Following some common sense will ensure that you and your pet will have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!